'Novus Attractions' (CEO: Mr. Arash Hosseini) is the first company in Georgia that produces laser games equipment. The laser games that we are manufacturing include laser tag, laser maze, laser target, and laser jump. These games can be a terrific supplement to any family entertainment center because people in a vast range of ages can enjoy them. Kids, teenagers, and young people love such games which are mixed with technology.

If you have decided to step in the world of the laser games, it doesn't matter where you are on the earth just leave everything to us. Our experienced team of designers will design your playing area and we will produce the equipment you need.

You can select the games you like or buy all 4 games in a package named Laser Park. Running laser games at your clubs or complexes can lead increases in your group booking, birthday party business, food sales, and the revenue of all your other attractions.

Two important characteristics that you should consider when deciding upon laser games equipment are durability and reliability. 'Novus Attractions' uses durable, modern, and high-quality materials in its productions. If you want to own modern, high-tech, Laser game equipment which can be used for years flawlessly, contact us, we will help you to start or expand your business.