'Novus Attractions' consulting team provides spatial designs for customers to have a more obvious image of their future business.
Our consulting team considers affecting factors and limitations such as the budget, the location, and the size of the available space and then suggests the most appropriate product packages and the best possible equipment arrangement.
They also give customers financial consulting to have a good business plan. Our consultants are able to guide the clients and their partners to maximize their profit and have an acceptable ROI (return on investment)


'Novus Attractions' production team always uses advanced technology and high-quality materials in the production process.
Our products include all equipment and parts which are needed for setting up four modern and innovative laser games. The games are listed below:

Arena Design:

Our team of designers designs the interior space of laser maze and laser tag arenas inside the clubs and amusement parks. An appropriate theme for this kind of games is a semi-dark environment with fluorescent paintings on the walls and black lights which make those paintings glow.
Starting up a laser game center needs an experienced project team, a team that is able to accomplish this task. Constructing a laser games center (or a laser park!) requires precise planning from the first step to the end. It needs careful preparation and scheduling to successfully build a laser games club. Our design team and our operation team are ready to do all these steps.
'Art Attack' is the name of the company that takes the responsibility of constructions. In fact 'Art Attack' was one of the pioneers in creating themed laser tag arenas and today is the fastest growing laser tag arena builder in the industry in creating new and exciting themed laser tag environments, unlike anything you've seen before.


'Novus Attractions' believes that in any investment, reputation is the most important factor and making money is the next priority. Our high-quality supports assure any investor that their devices always keep their best performance.
Although our products designed in a way that the clubs operators can easily run the devices by taking some clear training and reading the manuals, our support team will always be ready to answer and guide them.
The club operators will be trained and we will provide a complete repair kit for them and they will be able to easily solve the problem in case the products normal function fails. They can send us the malfunctioning part and we will fix it or send them a new one.