'Novus Attractions' new product, laser target, is a shooting game with laser guns which is appropriate for being used in laser games clubs, indoor amusement parks, and shopping centers. Laser target is a game in which the players' concentration, speed, and reactions are the most important factors.

How to play

In this game, laser sensors light up randomly and players must shoot the targets within a limited time with a laser gun. As the game progresses, the sensors flash more quickly, so the players have to react faster. Each player can shoot 120 times, and in order to move through the higher stages, 13 successful shootings should be recorded for them.

Laser Target Image

This package contains:

  • Laser gun
  • Gun holder
  • Targets
  • Main-board
  • Score display
  • Speakers
  • Amplifier

Laser gun

Our laser gun is equipped with a laser transmitter and sends laser beams toward the targets when players shoot with it. The data is sent via the laser and this laser is not just a simple light, but a beam that carrying data. So receivers read the codes and other lights don't have any influences on them. This gun has a shooting range of 70 meters and weighs 800 grams.


The target in this game is a device, similar to amusement machines, which contains ten sensors (laser receivers). The sensors will send data to the main board if they receive a laser beam while they are activated.


Main-board activates the sensors randomly and processes the data received from the sensors. If a beam is received, it activates the alert and displays the score on the screen. Another function of the main-board is activating demo mode. In this mode sensors light up in special patterns and speakers play the demo music track.

Score Display

If a shot hits the activated sensor, a positive point will be added to the player's score and it'll be displayed on the screen.


Speakers play the demo music in addition to a specific sound which comes out from the speakers when a shot hits the right target.

Laser Target Image

Minimum space required:

It is very easy to use laser target in different places. Setting up this product requires at least 9 meter square of space. The laser target device occupies 1.5 m2 of floor space and the gun holder should be placed 4 or 5 meter away from the device.

Game Features:

  • Randomly activated sensors
  • Increasing speed in higher levels
  • Playing a sound for hitting shots
  • Demo mode

 Laser maze technical specifications:

Laser power 50 mw
The laser transmitter of guns input voltage 8.4 V
Main-board input voltage 12 V
The device's main input 110 V or 220 V