Have you ever imagine yourself as a burglar who wants to steal something very precious from a museum and encounters a laser security system which is protecting the objects, just like in the movies? You have to pass through a room filled with lots of laser beams and if you come in contact with one of them the alarms will set off and you will be arrested in a twinkling of an eye.

Laser maze which is manufactured by 'Novus Attractions' provides an environment similar to those movies, a semi-dark room with lots of laser beams, and players should go through those beams and try not to cut them. In this way, everyone can feel like one of those movie characters!
This attraction is a new game and it is a good opportunity for investors to start a successful business. Laser maze can be run in laser games clubs, amusement parks, and shopping centers.

The players are supposed to find their ways between the lasers in a limited time. Meanwhile, every time that they touch a laser they achieve minus points. Finally, they pass all the lasers, press the end button and finish the game and receive a score-sheet containing items like how many times players have cut the lasers, the time of the game, and the game's difficulty.
This game can be played in 3 difficulty levels, easy, normal, and hard. If players choose more difficult levels they encounter a higher number of laser beams with a higher degree of complexity.

Laser Maze Image

Game Description:

Undoubtedly, many people has once played the maze game and enjoyed finishing it (Maze is a complicated system of paths or passages in which people try to find their way through for entertainment). The new and exciting game, Laser Maze, basically uses the same idea but with a more innovative style that demands critical thinking, decision making, and physical flexibility. In this game, the players should find their ways between the lasers in a limited time. They should try not to come in contact with the laser beams so they can reach the end and press the button. At the end of the game, the scores will be calculated by a central controller device and a score sheet will be printed by a thermal printer and given to each player.

Game Features:

  • Difficulty level selection
  • Customizable number of laser beams
  • Moving lasers
  • Alarming and flashing siren (in case of a beam being touched)
  • Timing
  • Scoring software
  • Printing the scores

Difficulty levels

Our laser maze has 3 difficulty levels, easy, normal and hard. Players can select the difficulty level and then start the game. The number of active lasers depends on the game difficulty and in hard mode there are moving lasers.

Laser Maze Image

The package includes

Laser transmitters

Lasers are considered in both green and red, and the number of lasers is determined according to the package the costumer chooses.

Laser receivers

Sensors capture the laser data (detect them), and the laser receiver's sensors are connected to the central controller.


Mirror is used to reflect the laser.

Start multi-button

The start button consists of three buttons through which players can choose the difficulty and start the game simultaneously.

Central control device

This device is ordered by the software and transmits the information received during the game from the receiver sensor to the software.

Laser motor(s)

For the fascination of the game, in hard mode, one or more motors are used, so that the player can't easily lead the laser path.


Game mode commands (easy, normal and hard) can be given by the software to the central controller. During the game, we see the laser paths and the time elapsed online. After completing the game, results can be seen in computer or in printed form.

Fog machine

Foggy environment helps players to see the laser beams better.


The speaker is used for playing 3 specific soundtracks related to each difficulty levels.


When a player cuts a laser beam the alarm goes off.


The flasher is synchronized with the alarm and flashes simultaneously with it.

Laser show

Laser show is a lighting system which uses lasers to entertain the audiences and it lights up when the game is over.

End button

Players should push this button at the end of the game when they get through all the laser beams.


Thermal printer is used for printing the players' score sheet.

Laser Maze Image

Laser maze technical specifications

laser type Class 3R - 5mw
Laser transmitter and receiver input voltage 8.4~12 V
Central control device input voltage 110 V or 220 V

Recommended number of laser transmitters, laser receivers, and mirrors, based on available space:

  8 - 12 m2 22.5 – 32 m2 42 – 80 m2
Laser transmitters 6 pcs 12 pcs 22 pcs
Laser receivers 6 pcs 12 pcs 22 pcs
Mirrors 6 pcs 12 pcs 22 pcs
  min 2x4 min 2.5x9 min 3x14
  max 3x4 max 4x8 max 5x16
  ideal 2.5x4 ideal 3x9 ideal 4x14

*The equipment can be installed in any indoor spaces.


Laser walls

A. Enable 3 laser transceivers simultaneously.

B. Enable 3 laser transceivers one after another.

C. One laser transceiver is activated and two laser transceivers are disabled or, two laser transceivers are activated and one laser transceiver is disabled. In the event of a player cuts these lasers, he/she achieve a negative point.

Pause button

When the players press this button, the timer stops for moments and they have the opportunity to see the laser paths well. It should be noted that by hitting the pause button, players achieve negative points. Sometimes players get confused under the pressure of the game and they have to use this option to avoid more negative points. The number of pause buttons depends upon the size of the game area.

Moving the object

In this option there are one specific object, two stands, and a timer that is embedded in one of the stands.

So, there are two stands in the playing area and one object is placed on the first stand (the lights of this stand is on), as soon as the player grabs the object, the lights of the first stand turn off and the second stand lights up and the countdown sets off. The player has a limited time to place the object on the second stand, and during this time if the player can put the ball on the second stand, he will get positive points otherwise negative point will be added to his or her score.

Cubes (floor LEDs)

In this option, a part of the laser maze floor is covered with cube shape LEDs. These cubes can light up in green color and form randomly shaped paths in each game. Besides the random mode the operator can also determine the path through the software. During the game the player must move forward through the green path, otherwise, for each wrong step, the stepped cubes discolor to red and the player achieves negative points.

A graphically designed monitor

This is a screen that displays time, score, record, and ranking of the players (Top 10).

A mini game synched with laser walls

The laser wall consists of 4 laser transmitters and receivers. The player must finish the mini game successfully, so that the laser walls disappear. If the player wants to pass through the laser walls before finishing the mini game, he or she gets negative points.

The laser maze operator can choose the mode (difficulty level) of the game and also can select that which options are going to be activated in game.

*Players will enjoy to pass through the lasers and to push the end button, trying not to come in contact with laser beams.