Game Description:

Laser jump, the new energetic game of 'Novus Attractions' is a game inspired by the jump-rope game, with the same level of passion and excitement.Laser jump equipment package consists of the main body, a laser transmitter placed in the center of the body, two display screens, and sensor (laser receiver). Two players stand between the main body and the sensor, one meter away from the body and in front of their own display. Radiated laser beam rotates around a vertical axis in the middle of the main body and players should jump over the laser beam and try not to be hit by it.

Being successful in this game requires a combination of short and long jumps, agility and quick responses. The laser beam moves constantly during a five minute time period. If they hit the beam they will achieve one negative point and it will be shown on the screen. In the end, the player who had the least contacts with the laser beam is the winner. Laser jump is a game which can be set up in indoor playgrounds, theme parks, and laser games centers.

This game is a source of physical activity and engages the players' body. These days many people particularly children spend most of their time surfing the internet, using social media, and playing video games and one serious problem that they encounter is insufficient physical activity. Laser jump and similar games which are competitive and attractive enough can play an important role in reducing the physical inactivity and keep people more healthy.

Laser Jump Image

Laser Jump Package Includes:

  • Main body
  • Laser transmitter
  • Sensor (laser receiver)
  • Two displays
  • Speaker
  • Mainboard
  • Rotating moto

The main body is the main part of this package in the center of which a laser transmitter is placed. The body is divided into two halves and each of two players stands in front of each half.

The laser transmitter is placed in the center of the main body and sends a laser beam toward the sensor. Laser transmitter moves in a circular pattern near the floor and goes through from where the players stand.

The laser receiver is a sensor that is placed in behind of the players' station and it can recognize that in which player's zone the laser beam is interrupted.

There are two displays in front of the players. The displays show the number of laser interrupts.

The speaker plays the alarm sound when a player comes in contact with the laser beam.